About the merger

Ilustrační obrázek

In connection with the merger of the merging company itself s.r.o. with the successor company Nej.cz s.r.o., with effect from 1 October 2021, all rights and obligations arising from the concluded contracts will be transferred to the successor company Nej.cz s.r.o. Nej.cz s.r.o. from this date will take over activities related to operating and distributing related telecommunications services.

For you, as customers itself s.r.o., the services offered and their price will not change. The same team of employees will continue to take care of your satisfaction. In connection with the merger of the companies, the appearance of our documents and e-mails will change from 1 October 2021. From this date, you will receive invoices with a new Euro Payments Account number: 1387939569/2700. Payments for services in Czech crowns should be credited to account number 8919062/0800, as before.

Please reflect this change in your internal systems and use the new data of Nej.cz s.r.o. on all documents after the above date: Nej.cz s.r.o., registered office Kaplanova 2252/8, 148 00 Prague 4 (Czech Republic), ID: 03213595, VAT No.: CZ03213595.

You can continue to handle all requests on our Monitoring centre, phone: +420 533 383 385, e-mail: noc@itself.cz. E-mail contacts for employees remain valid (in the future they will be automatically redirected to their new e-mail in the @nej.cz format).

Company information Nej.cz s.r.o. can be found on the website www.nej.cz.

We are looking forward to working with you.

Ing. Jaroslav Hanyk
Chairman of the Board of Directors Nej.cz s.r.o.

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