Server housing

Ilustrační obrázek

Do you rely on your own servers at work? Store them in the appropriate environment of our data center and stay sure your device is in operation at all times. The server housing service provides you with a permanent connection, cooling, backed-up power and modern data center security.

In our data centers, we provide your devices with backed-up power, necessary cooling, air humidity and network connectivity to suit your individual requirements. Your hardware will be accessible to you at any time, and it will be under the permanent supervision of our surveillance center staff. All this while adhering to international safety standards.

Why bet on server housing with us?

  • Modern data center

    Our data centers meet international technology and safety standards - the Brno telehouse center received both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates in 2020.

  • Own backbone network

    2,200 km of own fiber-optic transmission routes for our customers offer superior service and maximum use of the potential represented by an optical backbone network.

  • Safety and security

    Your technologies will be safe with us both on the access and the operational side. Power and cooling for your devices are ensured using backed-up modern technologies. Fire protection also meets the relevant safety standards. Everything is subject to strict control and permanent monitoring. For the needs of our customers, our surveillance center personnel are available nonstop and can physically check or restart the device at any time.

  • Strong and reliable connectivity

    We offer an exceptionally strong international connectivity of 5x 10 Gbps on own optical backbone network. We have two independent routes (2x 10 Gbps) connected to the Czech NIX internet center. The Slovak SIX center connects us with a 10 Gbps route. No data restrictions apply to you in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Thanks to our own autonomous system, we give you a range of custom IP addresses.

  • Net Neutrality

    Of course, we offer network neutrality - you can use the services within a range of telecom operators whose access points are located in our data centers.

  • Customized solutions

    Whatever your requirements or needs are, we will always make every effort to meet them. You can rely on individual options and access as regard to the scope and form of rack collocation, connectivity, power, monitoring and other services.

Server hosting options with us

We offer server housing in the range of 1-4U rack cabinets. We also provide hosting for tower servers up to 58 cm.
We recommend rack housing for collocation of a larger number of your devices.

What services we offer:

  • Space rental
  • Eletrical energy
  • Cooling
  • Guarantee of power availability (diesel generator, UPS)
  • Connectivity up to 10 Gbps
  • Unlimited data transmission in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic
  • Remote hands
  • Waste disposal after installation of customer equipment
  • Receiving packages
  • Non-stop service of the surveillance center
  • Realizing connections with operators


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